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Finally, an automated
business solution that
works for you around
the clock.

Jazva was developed by the industry's best software developers along with real world business leaders, to automate business processes in intelligent ways. Your business can now start using the Jazva platform in minutes, with no assembly required.

No Assembly Required. No more developers or consultants.

Unlike traditional ERP's, Jazva's core modules allow simplified and comprehensive
management of all your enterprise's functions under one umbrella.
Learn more about the features Jazva provides to automate your business.

Meet a few of our Clients

The Jazva Platform is built to work with any kind of business. Learn how
Jazva has streamlined operations for these clients of various industries.

& Handmade Toys

Designer Clothing
for Children & Teens

Artisanal & Designer

The Intelligent Automator

The built-in automation in Jazva's core
modules make your data work
harder than ever before.
Your new assistant awaits you.


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